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Hoppel Fabrication is a 24 year old company that employs a dedicated staff of craftsmen with individual strengths coming together in a rare team form to provide a broad range of quality products and services.  Our success is based on our strength to consistently manage our company growth and our dedication to delivering high quality products and services and maintaining honesty and trustworthiness.  We pride ourselves in the ability to visualize and execute projects into reality. 
We have developed excellent Vendor / Customer relationships and pay our bills on time or before. 
We are currently staffed with 9 employees that have excellent inter-company working relationships.
All of our customers are considered partners - we believe in the "YOU WIN - WE WIN THEORY" and as a result have developed good customer networking relationships.
By consistently reinvesting into the company we are increasing our capabilities.  We have just completed a 15,000 square foot work space with  3,000 square feet of office / lobby space.

Our Products & Services

         Design development and prototype specialists of a broad range of metal equipment

         Design and manufacture the Mulch Mule line of products

         Custom truck bodies and full mounting services

         Special vehicle division - purpose to build custom vehicles

         Repair of machinery / equipment (all metals)




Lobby Photo's of our new office addition completed in April 2009

The Metal Therapy Chopper was created from the ground up in house at Hoppel Fabrication.  It was completed in 2007 after 1600 man hours of fabrication.  The motorcycle is acting as a promotional tool for our company and serves as a good example of what we can do on the creative / innovative "specialty" side of things.

The bike has a lot of special features:  All of the following features were designed in house, internal fuel system, no exposed gas cap - pet cock - fuel lines etc.  In-house designed oil system, no reservoir, lines etc.  air ride system.  The bike has many other features that are outlined along with pictures click tab @ left.  Metal Therapy has been to (4) shows in '08 - '09, winning all four shows in all categories entered for Canton Hot Rod Custom Bike Show, Easy Riders, Daytona Biketoberfest and the Boardwalk Classic.

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Hoppel Fabrication manufactures the entire Mulch Mule product line.  The above photos feature our newest 2010 trailer model  equipped with a Solid Rubber Rolling Floor system with Hydraulic Direct Drive and 15 YD capacity.




We have the capabilities to design and create ... we put those ideas on the ground running in a short period of time


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