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Hoppel Fabrication Specialties is not your typical small repair weld shop. Custom Metal Fabrication & Welding is the heartbeat of our business and defines our organization. We are equipped with a dedicated staff of metal craftsman that enable us to deliver fine quality workmanship spanning a broad range of products and services. Our corporate vision is as unique as our organization - we have the ability to conceptualize, visualize, and execute and believe this to be the true definition of INNOVATION. We partner with our customers to learn more about their industry. This committment combined with our skills and experience enables us to create a solution that will not only enhance productivity and maximize efficiencies but also gives them the competitive edge necessary to take their business to the next level. We hope you enjoy your visit, feel free to explore our website... if you have an appreciation for unique "Custom Metal Fabrication" we are sure you will find something here to enjoy and possibly offer some inspiration to begin YOUR next endeavor.

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Hoppel Fabrication is proud to announce we are expanding our Prototype and Product Development Services. Many businesses have a need for "Working Prototypes" to serve as proof of concept models before investors are willing to commit to an end product. We offer a focused approach to INNOVATIVE DESIGN along with our abilities to design and execute custom metal fabrication, welding skills, combined with many years of experience in research and development we have an exceptional ability to TURN KEY the entire project from start to finish. This methodology has enabled greater opportunities for us to partner with our clients in an effort to better serve their customers and develop products for niche markets within their specific industry. Many of the prototypes we have designed have also resulted in the ‘Unexpected’ and are considered Inventions of Proprietary Intellectual Property currently in the US Patent Process.



January 15, 2016 marked the debut of the original prototype SwitchLift Trailer. It serves as a self contained total solution trailer identified as Best In Class for each function it performs. From mobilizing machinery, supplies or equipment with a flatbed body to serving as the best dump trailer you can buy with a dump body. Designed to reduce operating costs while focusing on productivity, you may use your current pickup to tow the Switchlift Trailer enabling you to do more with less. The SwitchLift served as a working prototype for 2016 paving the way for the next design to offer a variety of capacities and accessory options. The next prototype is currently in development for the next generation and set to launch as our next product line in 2017. For more details and specs on this multi functional piece of equipment visit our SwitchLift page.